Jesus Never Ran

Slow Down
Your Life
Speed Up
Your Dreams


I believe that you are capable of being the person that you know you are!

We spend a lot of time focused on things that do no not matter while dreaming of making a difference in this world by doing what we love. We are filled with purpose but often can’t find it amid our culture induced busyness. 

I have witnessed beautiful community in the middle of a prison, have seen great care and love in the actions of the homeless, hurting and deprived and have experienced incredible life change through people willing to simply take time for each other.  I have also seen the destruction and hurt that results from busy and burnt out people.

The dream is that we wouldn’t lose hope, but that we would be willing to slow down and take the time to find it in unexpected places.


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We move so fast that we miss who and what God places right in front of us

-Matt Kendziera